Countdown to LHC
November is LHC month! After its initial false start, the Large Hadron Collider will be operational again in the coming weeks, with the first collisions planned to take place before Christmas. Dennis Overbye offered a humorous theory about the failures.

BluelCore now supports Mono/Gtk#
The BluelCore platform has been expanded to include experimental binaries for the Mono runtime, as well as integration with the upcoming MonoDevelop 2.2 IDE, which now officially supports Win32, OSX, and iPhone targets.
KX6 Video
We've posted some photos of the KX6 project, along with a video demonstrating the tripod gait.
"Bump" Your Spam
Bumper is a new "content-neutral" filtering technology for e-mail developed by Bluel Technologies in late 2004. We have recently decided to publish the Exim-based reference implementation under an open source license.

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